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Eco Friendly Pvc Free Plastisol

Plastisol Ink Manufacturer, Plastisol Ink Exporter

Eco Friendly Pvc Free Plastisol
  • Beautyflex Eco Enviro Non PVC Printing Ink.
  • Easy Flow.
  • Non - Clogging.
  • Excellent Coverage.
  • No Smudging.
  • Good Adhesion On Fabric.
  • Wet On Wet.
  • Saving Energy Time.
  • Perfect Laying. Self Drying.
  • Use Water as Additive.
  • Wash Screen With Water.
  • Final Flash Cure.
  • F u s e it as you do for normal Plastisol.

Pre Printing And Testing For Desired Properties Are Suggested In Good Faith Prior To Production.