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Plastisol Ink

We are one of the unmatched Plastisol Ink Manufacturers and Plastisol Ink Exporters from quality point of view. We offer Plastisol Ink with the assurance of better quality and reliability than the other option available in the market. The base which makes us front line Plastisol Ink manufacturer and Plastisol Ink suppliers, lies in our approach where attention is paid to each and every possible aspect.

Our Plastisol Ink or plastisol screen printing ink imparts maximum utility when used with the Plastisol Heat Transfer system provided by us. Our Plastisol Ink are exactly in contrast with the demand of the market trends. Our products are manufactured using latest techniques with zero percent compromise on quality. So feel free to come forward and have beneficial business deals with us.

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Plastisol Ink Manufacturer, Plastisol Ink Exporter
Plastisol inks for direct printing on t-shirts and other blends
  • Standard Series.
  • Opaque Series.
  • High Opaque Series.

Plastisol True process screen inks series with perfect calibrations
  • CMYK for multicolour photoprint effect.
  • BYRK for special multi colour deep

Non Phthalate Plastisol

Non Phthalate Plastisol Manufacturer
Non Phthalate Plastisol
  • Contains no remote cancerous Phthalates
  • Available in all shades and series

    Plastisol Ink Manufacturer, Plastisol Ink Exporter
    Eco Friendly Pvc Free Plastisol
    • Beautyflex Eco Enviro Non PVC Printing Ink.
    • Easy Flow.
    • Non - Clogging.
    • Excellent Coverage.
    • No Smudging.
    • Good Adhesion On Fabric.
    • Wet On Wet.
    • Saving Energy Time.
    • Perfect Laying. Self Drying.
    • Use Water as

    Offset Transfer Inks
    Litho/offset Transfer Inks

    Beautyflex the popular brand widely accepted around the globe for its superior quality high performace & extra coverage.
    True tone Litho CMYK Transfer Inks specially formulated and syncronised for excellent results and sharpness with all the fastness a print desires for its achievements.

    Beautyflex Plastisol  Screen  Inks
    We are the first indigenous manufacturer of Plastisol Inks in India.
    Plastisol inks are 100% solid ,solvent less ,smell free and screen printers friendly.
    These inks determine film forming rubbery characteristic which will never dry itself,So therefore it has to be heat cured.Plastisols dont colour or dye the substrate but creates a

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